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06SEP 2017

To help guide you through the art of investing

Art is a popular class of investment asset, but what are the tax and cross-border issues, ask Charles Gothard, Partner, and Michael Parkinson, Senior Consultant, Macfarlanes LLP

Talking points

05SEP 2017

Talking points

04SEP 2017



22AUG 2017

Wealth planning

Capital Gains Tax: is paying some tax now a good plan for the future?

Jonathan Brownlow looks at how paying a low rate of capital gains tax could be of benefit in the long run

16AUG 2017

Educational guides

The smartest ways to avoid investment scams

Thousands of investors are duped by sophisticated scams every year. What can you do to avoid being caught out?

14AUG 2017

Educational guides

Jargon buster: Investment

The world of investment jargon can be a confusing one. This jargon buster will help you better understand some of the terms used in investment and clarify some frequently used phrases


17JUL 2017

Strategy & economics

The unconventional becomes the norm

Caspar Rock, Chief Investment Officer, and Richard Jeffrey, Chief Economist, review the state of the economic landscape

14JUL 2017


22MAY 2017

Talking points

A place of their own

Rocketing property prices mean that parents are increasingly giving their children a leg-up onto the property ladder. Buying agent Camilla Dell of Black Brick has some inside advice.

10MAY 2017

Strategy & economics

Tweets that rocked the markets

Andrew Oxlade considers the impact of social media on markets and how investors should react

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