Richard Jeffrey

Chief Economist

Richard Jeffrey is Chief Economist at Cazenove Capital and is responsible for the macro-economic framework that supports the investment process. He joined in 2008. Since completing a Master’s degree in Quantitative Economics, Richard has worked as a professional macroeconomist and market strategist. Richard has 37 years’ investment experience and appears frequently on radio and television and writes for a number of journals. He works with a number of think-tanks and academic organisations and currently sits on the Finance Committee of Bristol University.


Strategy & economics

11SEP 2017

Curves and shapes

Following an improvement in competitiveness resulting from the post-referendum fall in the pound, the UK’s trade accounts may now be on the brink of a significant improvement. Even so, continuing and substantial trade and current account deficits suggest that the economy is not yet on a sustainable growth path.

Strategy & economics

21AUG 2017



17JUL 2017

Strategy & economics

The unconventional becomes the norm

Caspar Rock, Chief Investment Officer, and Richard Jeffrey, Chief Economist, review the state of the economic landscape


24MAY 2017

Strategy & economics

Deflation hotspots of the future

Richard Jeffrey answers key questions about the global economy.

16MAY 2017

Strategy & economics

Party animals

09MAY 2017

Strategy & economics

How the economy will cope with populism and Brexit

In this short video Richard Jeffrey answers key questions about the global economy.


10APR 2017

Strategy & economics

Economic global warming

Our investment team summarise their three economic predictions for 2017 in their market outlook.

07APR 2017

Strategy & economics

Big societies challenge big governments

Chief Economist Richard Jeffrey considers the causes of the shock EU referendum and US election results.


15MAR 2017

Strategy & economics

Outrageous fortune?

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