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Achieving your charity’s investment objectives takes time and thought.

We understand that meeting charitable objectives can be challenging.  As the largest charity investment manager in the UK, we are the trusted partner of over 770 charities and are confident that we can help your charity, whatever your size, purpose and investment objectives.

Charity Annual 2017

Intentional Investing

Market News

10JUL 2017

Chart of the month - diverging trends in UK and eurozone consumer confidence

Following a plunge in UK consumer confidence and a 16-year high in the Eurozone Consumer Confidence Index, Janet Mui looks at the reasons for the div…

Market News

04JUL 2017

Training & workshops

20SEP 2017
9:00 am

Common Investment Fund events

07NOV 2017
12:00 pm


“Leadership over many years through various forums, sponsorships and policy development”
Charity Times Awards, October 2015

"Efforts to create a better, fairer, more open and committed society through socially responsible investing."
Better Society Awards, May 2015

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Achieving your charity's investment objectives takes time and thought. To find out how we can help you please contact:

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